Presidents to Potholes: It’s Time to Vote!

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(Left) MCCAIN IN TULSA: Senator John McCain visited Tulsa in May 2007 for a $500-per-person luncheon at the Summit Club, 15 W. Sixth St. At the time, he was trailing several GOP candidates for the Republican presidential nomination. (Right) OBAMA IN LEAD? Senator Barack Obama held what many pollsters called a significant lead over John McCain after the third and final debate on Oct. 15. Only time will tell who will win the presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

On Nov. 5 everything will get back to normal. The television channels, free of angry ads in which Americans were told that all opposition candidates were liars, scoundrels or unadulterated villains, can get back to the serious business of hawking beer, hair products and used cars.

The 2008 election will be over. Of course, on Nov. 4, Americans by the millions will vote on a bewildering number of offices and issues.

Before Nov. 4, Tulsans will have lots to do. A quick call to the election board or trip to the computer can tell the voter which ballots will be available at a particular precinct. A breakdown of the City of Tulsa municipal questions can be found in this edition on Page A4. Also, a profile of the Tulsa County Commissioner race between Karen Keith and Sally Bell can be found on pages B12 an B13.

Nostalgic voters may note that the ballot is shorter than it once was. Gone are such colorful and legendary names as Cowboy Pink Williams or Accountability Burns. Still, remember, the people chosen will be running the show shortly, and the only way an individual can affect the outcome is be taking the time and trouble to cast a vote.

Just one other thing about Nov. 5!

On that day the 2012 presidential race will officially begin.

Updated 10-31-2008

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