Press Club Gridiron

Gerry Goins, Bill Babb, Virginia Dessauer, Cindy Cain, Raye Styve, David Averill, and Eliz Hollis.

AWARD-WINNERS: Each year, the Tulsa Press Club gives out awards to its members who participate in the annual Gridiron show. This year’s winners are, from left, Gerry Goins, the Dolly Parton Award; Bill Babb, the Perry Como Award; Virginia Dessauer, the Mutt and Jeff Award with Siara Heck; Cindy Cain, Rookie of the Year Award with Carl Barger and Rebecca Ungerman; Raye Styve, the Hammy Award; David Averill, the Big Loser Award; and Eliz Hollis, the Bland Award.

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Updated 07-14-2004

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