Primp Your Style: Fashion Makeovers 101, Part 2

In order to move into this phase of the fashion make-over, you should have already done some style analysis. You need to know how you want to define your style, what you want to change about it and whether or not those changes will fit into your particular lifestyle. You’ll also want to remember the five fashion rules we talked about: 1) always look put together, 2) make sure your clothing fits properly, 3) don’t overdo trends, 4) ignore fashion misconceptions and 5)always dress for your style.

Once you have done your style analysis and have a concept of the rules, you can get started on the body and color analysis. There are three easy measurements you can take to figure out your body type: bust, waist and hip measurements. Use these measurements to fit yourself into one of the six body type categories: 1) Body type A, a basic pear shape. You have a small to medium frame, narrow or sloped shoulders, small to medium bust, small waist, full lower hips and bottom and full legs. 2) Body type B, an hourglass shape. You have small to medium frame, average to full bust, small to average, defined waistline, curvy hips, round, average to full bottom and shapely legs. 3) Body type C, straight. You have average to broad shoulders (wider than your hips), medium to very full bust line, straight, short-to-average waist, narrow hips, flat to round bottom, slim to average legs. The other three types D, E and F are fuller variations of A, B and C.

Once you know your body type you can access styles that fit it. This will save time and energy as well as a lot of money spent on styles that might not look as flattering. Next, you’ll want to find out what colors will flatter your hair and skin tone. If you would like more information on what styles to wear for your body type or color analysis, feel free to contact me by e-mail at or at Isabellas (918) 744-9100. Next month we will get started on how to consolidate your clothing and organize your wardrobe.

Updated 10-25-2005

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