Properly Funding College Complimentary Workshops Begin

Proper College Planning and Funding in today’s environment is becoming extremely difficult on families. Keeping up with the ever changing Government and College procedures, rules, regulations and protocols is a full time requirement! Empowered College Funding of Tulsa works with those families to get maximum funding and proper step by step planning in place. saves families thousands of dollars.

“The labyrinth that a Family must travel today to insure they get all the funding they are entitled to and get their children in the schools that are best suited for their talents, in most cases is overwhelming to the average family,” said Pete West, President of Empowered College Funding of Tulsa.

West, a financial planner in the Tulsa area for over 25 years realized this a few short years ago when putting his own daughter through college. “This is the reason I founded Empowered College Funding”, said West.” College Funding and Planning has really become a specialized area, and if you’re not dedicated to it full time, you’re not going to keep up.”

“The satisfaction of helping families and students stay on track and realize their dreams without the fear of sacrificing their futures to never ending or needless debt is personally rewarding“, added William Daugherty, partner.

Empowered College Funding will be hosting a series of 70-min free workshops primarily for parents of high school juniors and seniors, letting parents know what to expect, and secrets to help them with their funding and planning processes.

To reserve your seats, please call, 1-888-277-6123.

Empowered College Funding is located at 7633 E 63rd Place Suite 300. For more information, email

Empowered College Funding is an associate of College Planning Network, a proud member of the National Assoc. of College Admission Counselors.

Updated 12-07-2010

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