PSO Customers to See Drop in Electric Bills

customers will see a 12 to 30 percent drop in their electric bills because of lower fuel costs, starting with the June 2012 billing cycle. This is compared with last year’s June bills. has adjusted downward the fuel factor that is a part of each customer’s bill as a routine charge.

“Lower natural gas prices in the marketplace, which are expected to continue for the following year, are the most significant reason our customers will experience lower overall electric bills in June,” says Bobby Mouser, director, Customer Services and Marketing.

“The annual adjustment by to its fuel charge on customer bills will result in significant savings for our customers, overall, which is always good news,” Mouser says.

A residential customer who uses 1,000 kWh of electricity a month will see a drop in electric cost from $97.98 to $85.88, based on peak pricing, compared with last year at this time.

The reduction in fuel cost adjustment is largely the result of continued lower prices for natural gas, which is used to generate a substantial portion of the electricity used by customers. Since is prohibited by law from making a profit on the fuel it uses to generate electricity, the company passes along to its customers the cost savings realized when fuel prices are low.

“Despite this good news, customers should continue to focus on using electricity wisely, especially considering the expected hot summer months that are just beginning. Go to for energy saving tips,” he says.

Updated 06-25-2012

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