PSO Program Pays Dividends for Convention Center

ENERGIZED SAVINGS: General Manager John Bolton (left) and Engineering Manager John Crosson (right) accept an incentive check from PSO’s Consumer Programs Coordinator Micah Burdge in the Tulsa Convention Center’s Exhibit Hall, while the room’s new energy efficient lighting shines overhead.

A recently completed project to install high efficiency lighting at the Tulsa Convention Center is paying big dividends for the City-owned facility. On top of more than 700,000 kilowatt-hours in anticipated annual energy savings, Convention Center operators – who manage the Convention Center as well as Tulsa’s Center – received a $71,000 incentive payment from Public Service Company of Oklahoma () for making the improvements.

The project involved the removal of 576, five-hundred-watt flood lights and fixtures in the Convention Center’s first floor exhibit hall, and replacing them with 144, three-hundred-sixty-watt dimmable fluorescent lights and fixtures. Making the switch to the more energy efficient lights will reduce the electrical demand in the 102,600 square foot room by 162 kilowatts and save an estimated 729,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year.

General Manager John Bolton explained, “We made the decision to proceed with the exhibit hall lighting project in the Convention Center because of the long-term reduction of energy costs. The final results were even better than we had expected, with a 57 percent total drop in energy usage. was a great partner in the project, and the resulting rebate check was a bonus to an already beneficial project.”

John Crosson, engineering manager for the Convention Center said staff engineers and electricians spent more than three months and 960 working hours on the lighting retrofit.

“Our staff really committed to the project,” said Crosson. “It was their hard work that made it successful for both our building and . We’ve recently completed the Assembly Hall retrofit and hope to continue the upgrades throughout other spaces in the Convention Center.”

Along with the considerable energy savings, Consumer Programs Coordinator Micah Burdge noted that the Convention Center project also improved lighting levels, increased versatility of the lighting, and has reduced maintenance costs.
“We’re very pleased that our incentive helped make this project possible,” said Burdge. “By partnering with and the Convention Center to reduce energy costs, their valuable resources can be used for other needed projects.”

Updated 01-12-2012

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