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Parent Teacher Associations () have held a presence in schools since most individuals can remember. Far from solely affecting schools, bring far-reaching benefits to families and communities, which falls right in line with the National mission of engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Caroline Farmer, president at Bixby’s Central Elementary, started getting involved in her son’s school when he entered kindergarten. When he started first grade, she joined the .

“I wanted to be a part of his school,” she says. “I wanted to help the teachers and get to know the moms and be a part of his day.”

Students and parents benefit from -sponsored family events, such as parent and grandparent breakfasts, movie nights and carnivals. Watch (Dads Of Great Students) is a program that encourages fathers to volunteer for a day at their child’s school, which fosters positive role models for students.

is responsible for the school’s yearly involvement in Reflections—a national art contest.

Money from fundraisers goes toward various initiatives to help teachers. This includes providing money for teacher grant proposals like iPads in art and music classes, computer software, and books. Teachers also receive a portion of funds to provide for their individual classroom needs.

Members receive regular updates on school goings-on at monthly meetings where they discuss upcoming events and how to distribute any fundraising proceeds. They also receive information from the recent Council meeting and meet with a school administrator, such as the principal or assistant principal, regarding any school concerns.

“Parents benefit by showing their support of the school to teachers and to their children. And it’s a way to work with teachers and administrators and create good memories with kids,” says Farmer. “Kids’ education improves when parents are involved. Schools benefit by having events that the puts on and volunteers brought into the classroom. And teachers benefit by receiving funds.”

Dues are $7 per year for a family, with no obligation to attend meetings or get involved, says Farmer.

Updated 10-01-2013

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