Public Works Tree Limb Pick-Up

REPAIR WORK: PSO crews work to restore power near Logan’s Roadhouse across 71st Street from Woodland Hills Mall. At the worst point, nearly half a million Oklahomans lost power in the ice storm that hit the state Dec. 8.

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Public Works crews are pro-actively working to pick up tree limbs and debris on every street in Tulsa. Because of the extent of tree debris throughout the city, this process is expected to take several weeks. Contractors are being called in to supplement city crew efforts in order to expedite tree branch collection and disposal.

It is not necessary for individuals to call the Mayor’s Action Center to get their name and address on the list for pickup. Tulsans should leave the tree branches and debris at the curbside until it is picked up.

Tulsa residents can also continue to take tree branches and yard debris to the City’s greenwaste sites at 71st Street and Elwood, west of the Arkansas River, as 56th Street North between Mingo and Highway 169. Hours for the greenwaste sites are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Updated 12-17-2007

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