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MAKING MEMORIES: Purple Glaze Studio is one of the most unique destinations in the Tulsa area for families to enjoy an outing with one another. Various projects are available and guidance is always offered.


Having made a mark on the Tulsa area for over 15 years, Purple Glaze Studio offers individuals the opportunity to create their own unique ceramic and mosaic projects.

The first of its kind in the Tulsa area, the idea of Purple Glaze Studio was formed in 1993. With over 25 years of experience in broadcasting, Jim Stunkard returned home from Dallas to Tulsa in order to care for his aging parents. By following an interest, Stunkard began to build unique wooden playgrounds for businesses and individuals. During an out of town consultation, he discovered a business that revolved around painting ceramics. “When I returned to Tulsa, I discovered that there wasn’t anything similar offered in the area.”

The Paint’n Place Studio was opened in 1994, which brought this fun activity to families in the Tulsa area. His son, Jeff Stunkard, soon decided to join his father in the business. Together, they opened Purple Glaze Studio and later opened a second location. Once the other locations had been established, The Paint’n Place was closed in 2004.

There are an endless variety of unfinished ceramic items available that include candleholders, vases, bowls, plates, mugs and figurines. There are also a number of creative mosaic projects that are offered.

The process of creating the ceramics found at Purple Glaze Studio is both intricate and intriguing. “There are around 18,000 molds that we have for the studio. The heavy plaster pieces of the molds are bound together and then filled with a material called slip. The plaster actually pulls the moisture out of the slip, which is then set aside for several hours to dry. Once dry, the item is called greenware, and the mold marks are sanded away. The greenware is then fired and becomes what is known as bisque.”

After three days, the ceramics are ready to be either glazed or stained by visitors at Purple Glaze Studio. Stains are a great option for younger children. Once the item is painted, it is sprayed with a sealer and ready to be taken home. Glaze provides a glossy texture and is ideal for dishes and mugs since it makes items both food and dishwasher safe.

Once the glazed items are ready, they are placed in a kiln that is heated to 1,800 degrees. “The heat is what makes the glaze adhere to the ceramic. The items are fired near the end of the day, which normally takes around seven to 12 hours. An additional six to eight hours are needed for the kiln to cool enough to remove the items.”

The studio even offers individuals the option to continue working on a project over a period of time. “We will hold their items here for 30 days. That way, the individual has the opportunity to take their time on larger or more delicate items.”

With a welcoming atmosphere, the studio enjoys hosting birthday parties, church gatherings, scouting groups, schools organizations and other special outings.

Purple Glaze Studio is located in Brookside at 3303 S. Peoria Ave. as well as 6528 E. 91st St. For additional information, call (918) 592-6900 to speak with someone at the Brookside location and (918) 491-6900 to learn more about the South Tulsa location. For more information about special offers, visit www.purpleglazestudio.com .

In addition to owning Purple Glaze Studio, Stunkard is also a member of the popular local Mid Life Crisis Band. For more information about the group, visit www.mlcband.net.

Updated 02-25-2010

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