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Raleigh, NC  — Strategy and speed are major factors in creating a successful merger or acquisition, according to a new Global Supply Chain Podcast series on M&A.

“You can’t judge an M&A opportunity by its cover,” says Jim Tompkins, CEO ofTompkins Associates and host of the Global Supply Chain Podcast. “An opportunity may look good on the surface, but turn out to be a terrible failure if the organizations are not a good fit for each other. The best way to ensure a successful merger or acquisition is by having a good M&A strategy – especially a good M&A supply chain strategy.”

In a recent episode, Tompkins notes the “Four Keys to Success with M&A:”
1.   Be involved.
2.   Fully assess the impact of changes on the supply chain.
3.   Determine which technologies will be retained and integrated.
4.   Move forward with speed and urgency.

The focus should be on the entire organization working as one from day one, he advises. And with the positive momentum moving forward from day one, the endeavor will be a winner.

The first two episodes of the M&A series are already available on the Global Supply Chain Podcast, and the third is scheduled for release on April 6. The full series includes the following topics:

  • Four Keys to Success with Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Creating Mergers and Acquisitions that Work and Meet Expectations
  • Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • Lessons Learned to Lay the Foundation for M&A Success
  • Supply Chain Integration

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Updated 04-01-2010

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