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HIGH FREQUENCY: Fans say RadioRadio’s music is energetic and wonderful listening. Their live show is great to watch and it is impossible to stand still while they play. The photo above is from an outside show at the BOK Center. From left are Ben Hosterman, Greg Hosterman, Paul Sanders and Paul Cristiano.

DANIEL C. CAMERON for GTR Newspapers

RadioRadio is simply one of Tulsa’s best bands. They play their own brand of pop rock, pulling influences from heroes but the band’s particular flavor is all their own. The music is based around melodies and much of the body of their music is in the production. In addition to the instrumentation and vocals, the band mixes in loops and effects that creates a truly unique sound.

Bassist and one of two original members, Paul Cristiano likes to describe their music as “cosmopolitan rock, sort of modern retro. We touch on a lot of influences like Depeche Mode and David Bowie.” RadioRadio’s sound also encompasses straight pop rock like The Call and U2.

The band’s name comes from Elvis Costello’s 1978 single “RadioRadio.”

Seeing RadioRadio play is a real treat. The quartet lines up at the front of the stage with guitarist Ben Hosterman on the left, vocalist Greg Hosterman in the middle and Cristiano on the right from the crowd’s perspective. The drummer Paul Sanders sets up behind the front men.

The show is high-brow to say the least. The music is rich with melody and to match, the players all dress up for their fans.

Greg Hosterman, the other remaining original member, is a fantastic entertainer. He flows about the stage as his body and face morph to the shape of the music’s emotion. While discussing the front man, Cristiano lauds, “Oh Greg has a great voice, is a dynamic performer and a terrific song writer. We have been working together for a long time.” Greg Hosterman’s presence on stage blends the visual experience with the aural journey as well as any light show.

RadioRadio will be playing October 2 at the Hunt Club in the Brady District downtown. Additionally, the band is planning a CD release party for the 2009 “I Computer Remix” in November.

Productions of Tulsa is handling all the management and booking for RadioRadio. For , visit and for more about RadioRadio, visit

Updated 10-15-2009

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