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Mayor G.T. Bynum was sworn in as the 40th Mayor of the city of Tulsa Dec. 5 during a ceremony at Central Library in downtown Tulsa. Bynum was joined by his wife, Susan, and two children, Robert and Annabel.

“I come from a family that believes service as Mayor of Tulsa is the greatest honor in elected public service, and I am so thankful my fellow Tulsans have given me this chance to give it my all in this job,” Bynum said.

During his candidacy, Bynum pledged to renew a spirit of high expectations at City Hall, focusing on goals that encourage and shape the next generation of Tulsans. A few areas of focus during his term as mayor will be: education, economic development, government efficiency, public safety and community development.

“We were fortunate to have pioneers with a spirit of high expectations for their hometown, and I am excited to bring that spirit back to the city of Tulsa,” Bynum added.

Please see page 4 for Mayor Bynum’s first monthly column in this issue of the Newspapers.

Updated 12-28-2016

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