Red Stripes Releasing New CD

RED ALERT: Tulsa rising music stars Hank and Christy Hanewinkel will reveal their new album at their CD Release Party Dec. 18. Guest artists for the evening will be the band, White Stripes.

Courtesy photo, James Plumle

Tulsa siblings Christy and Hank Hanewinkel III will be releasing their new album, “Put On Your Game Face,” at a CD Release Party, Saturday, Dec. 18 at Cain’s Ballroom . The dynamic duo, known for their imitations of the band, White Stripes, have been making music together since 2003 and won a Spot Award from the Tulsa World in 2004.

The two usually play under the name of the Red Stripes but because the new album features 11 original songs, they will perform under the name ‘The Red Alert’ for the party. Guest artists for the party will be the White Stripes.

Updated 12-19-2005

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