Rejoice Schools Celebrates 20 Years

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IN THE FUTURE: Rejoice Christian Schools Superintendent Dr. Craig Shaw speaks at the school’s anniversary celebration about the school’s past, present and future goals.

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Rejoice Christian Schools has become an important part of Owasso. The school was established 20 years ago and continues to reach out to students today.

In 1992, members of Owasso Freewill Baptist Church began to discuss the possibility of creating a school that would provide a different type of educational option for students in the area. One member, Judy Horst explains, “At the time, Owasso was growing very quickly. New families were moving into the area, and we hoped to establish the school for them to enjoy.”

With a lot of dedication and elbow grease, the school began to take shape. Many of the needed materials were donated to the effort, and volunteers came from far and wide to help in any way that they could. In the first year, the school offered preschool and kindergarten programs. Each year that followed brought the addition of another grade level.

In the fall of 2005, the high school was put into place on 86th Street North. Principal Lisa Zingerman describes both the primary and secondary schools as fully accredited with small class sizes in a Christian-based setting. “The students really have the opportunity to work closely with the teachers and one another,” Zingerman says.

Today, more than 700 students are enrolled in Rejoice Christian Schools. Many have attended since they were in preschool. “During graduation, we present a charter award to those who have completed all 12 grades here. It is something that they are really proud to receive,” says Zingerman.

“It is a wonderful experience to see the students grow with their education and guidance and continue on to make a difference in the world.”

Recently, a celebration was held to mark the 20th anniversary of Rejoice Christian Schools. “The event recognized the past, present and future through special speakers, photographs, videos and even an announcement,” says Zingerman.

Superintendent Dr. Craig Shaw presented a look into the future, which includes the plan to move both schools to one location.

The high school will soon be moved to join the 106th Street location, which boasts 42 acres of land. “We hope that this will provide a more unified feel for students. In addition, the activity fields and performing arts center are located there which will now be more easily accessed by all.”

Parents with students in both locations will only need to travel to one to pick up or drop off their children. It is expected that the move and construction of a new high school building will be completed within three years.

Updated 02-22-2013

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