Resilient City Strategy Moving Tulsa Forward

From Tulsa’s Mayor by Mayor G. T. Bynum

Since taking office, I’ve asked Tulsans to join me in dreaming big and making Tulsa a world-class city. As we continue to renew our high expectations, we can’t overlook the glaring disparities that exist in Tulsa. It’s heartbreaking to know that children born in north Tulsa are expected to live 10 years less than others in our city. We must address this. I ask you to join me in helping to change that trajectory.

Recently, DeVon Douglass, the City’s chief resilience officer joined by Otis Rolley, managing director of North America at 100 Resilient Cities, and I unveiled Tulsa’s First Resilience Strategy – Resilient Tulsa. Our Resilient Tulsa strategy is an action plan for building a city where every person has an equal shot at a great life. I also established the Mayor’s Office of Resilience & Equity. Now the most challenging but rewarding part begins – to build a better city for future generations of Tulsa’s.

Chief Resilience Officer DeVon Douglass will coordinate the implementation of this plan, which serves as a collaborative roadmap for all of Tulsa. With racial equity at its core, Resilient Tulsa will address critical resilience challenges ranging from economic inequality and disaster preparedness, to localized civic services and improved health outcomes.

Local partners include the Tulsa Police Department, Tulsa 1921 Race Riot Commission, Workforce Tulsa, and the Zarrow Family and Tulsa Community Foundations, as well as 100RC Platform Partners Hustle and – they have all committed their support in realizing the strategy’s 41 tangible actions.

The Resilient Tulsa strategy is an actionable set of visions, goals, and actions to address the city’s most pressing stresses. It seeks to build the ability among residents and city systems alike to better withstand future shocks.

Resilient Tulsa is organized into four overarching visions that strive to produce long-term solutions to challenges ranging from extreme weather events to significant, racial, economic and health inequities. Each action outlines success metrics that the city will use to track progress. The Strategy’s visions include:
1. Create an Inclusive Future that Honors All Tulsans; 2. Equip All Tulsans to Overcome Barriers and Thrive; 3. Advance Economic Opportunity for All Tulsans; and 4.
Transform City and Regional Systems to Improve Outcomes for All Tulsa’s.

Through our Resilient Tulsa efforts, we will build off of a wealth of existing City plans dedicated to further shaping Tulsa into a world-class city. I invite you to read the Resilience Strategy at:
Together, we can build the kind of city we will be proud to pass on to the next generation.

Updated 07-23-2018

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