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Like many high school students, Evan Pratt enjoys listening to rock music. However, this Broken Arrow high school junior not only enjoys listening to various metal and alternative rock bands, but also enjoys playing guitars that he has designed and constructed himself.

“A couple of summers ago I wanted to get a new guitar,” Evan said. “I couldn’t find one with all of the features and versatility that I wanted, for the price I wanted, so that’s when I decided to try and build one.”

Evan is currently enrolled in one of Tulsa Tech’s outstanding pre-engineering programs, and has already utilized several of the engineering concepts and principles that his class has studied.
“Learning how to read schematics, for electrical components of course was really helpful,” Evan said. “And although every guitar consists of a body and a neck, each guitar is different, so I use a trigonometry formula to calculate the angle of the neck for each one that I build.”

Mr. Leon Hadley, a pre-engineering instructor at Tulsa Tech, says that he particularly enjoys seeing his students apply the knowledge that they’ve learned in class.
“The most rewarding experience is observing students taking new information and applying it to the interests in their own life,” Mr. Hadley said. “Watching students experience those “ah-ha” moments is very satisfying for a teacher.”

Although the pre-engineering curriculum and coursework can be challenging at times, Evan is quick to point out that Mr. Hadley is a great instructor who makes an extra effort to insure each student’s success.

“Sometimes a new concept or lesson can seem difficult at first,” Evan said, “but Mr. Hadley always seems to find a way to explain things and they begin to make sense. He’s very smart and he wants to help every student reach their goals.”

Evan has already defined his own set of goals to pursue after completing the pre-engineering class and graduating from high school.

“I plan on continuing my education at a college or university, and studying for a career in mechanical or electrical engineering,” Evan stated. “I’m convinced that everything I’ve learned at Tech will really help me prepare for college and give me an advantage as I learn more about engineering.”

There is no doubt that Evan will reach his goals and enjoy a successful career in engineering, but what about the guitars, and the future of rock music?

“I’m definitely going to continue that!” Evan laughed. “I really enjoy the design process, the engineering challenge of each new project, and looking for discount guitar parts on eBay. Besides, I have a great time getting together with my friends and playing music.”

Whether you’re an adult seeking to change careers, a business seeking additional training resources, or a high school student who enjoys building things, we invite you to visit Tulsa Tech to let us help you engineer your future success.

Updated 04-08-2009

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