Rotary Club of Bixby Announces Scholarships

SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS WITH ROTARIAN: Rotarian Bob Weatherbie, fourth from left, with the winners of the 2018 Rotary Scholarships who are, from left Jenna Henson, Victoria Williams, Bryan Sellers, and Michael Kemmerly.  

Courtesy Rotary Club of Bixby

Every year the Rotary Club of Bixby provides scholarships to area students. This years winners are Jenna Henson, Victoria Williams, Bryan Sellers and Michael Kemmerly.  

Every year, the Rotary Club of Bixby offers four scholarships in the amount $2,000 each to four high school graduating students who are continuing their education at a college/university or vocational school.

In order to be eligible for a scholarship a student must meet the following criteria:
The four Rotary Club of Bixby scholarships will be awarded with preference given to some or all of the following:

• Active member of an interact club for a minimum of one year prior to application and have attended at least 50 percent of scheduled meetings as verified by the interact club secretary or the club’s academic sponsor;

• A child whose parent is an Oklahoma School Teacher or Oklahoma First Responder and is attending Bixby Public High School.

Participates in at least three community or international service projects sponsored by Interact and or Rotary such as but not limited to the Four Way Test Speech Contest, work day, the Big Event, and Blues Festival, volunteer at the Bixby Outreach Center.

• Demonstrate Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” and the Rotary “Four Way Test”;

• Has a of 3.00 or above with an of 19 or above or equivalent score; (the Rotary Club may grant an exception);

• Be accepted to an accredited two- or four-year college/university or vocational school.

Priority will be given to a student who:

• Demonstrates a commitment to leadership skills development through participation in the Rotary Youth Leadership Action () Camp; (The Rotary Club offers camp scholarships to cover your entire cost to attend);

• Has Financial Need;

• Is a child or grandchild of an active Bixby Rotarian who has been a member for a minimum of three consecutive years and is a Paul Harris Fellow.

It is the intent of the Bixby Rotary Club to award these scholarships to a Bixby High School student. However, an exception will be made in the case of a Bixby Rotarian’s child or grandchild.

This will be a two-year, $1,000 per year scholarship in the amount of $500 per semester payable to the recipient and his/her school.

To remain eligible for the per semester payments the scholarship recipient must also agree to:

• Maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or above each semester;

• Earn a minimum of 12 college credit hours per semester;

• Promptly provide the Bixby Educational Endowment Fund with official transcripts after each semester;

• Agree to provide to the rotary club scholarship chairperson a current personal email address including any future changes for the purpose of tracking scholastic progress and scholarship criteria effectiveness. Respond to any Rotary Club of Bixby Scholarship surveys.

If any one of the above requirements is not met the remaining scholarship balance will be forfeited and no longer be available to the scholarship recipient. The remaining funds will be made available to future scholarship applicants.

A recipient who is planning to seek a four year undergraduate degree from a college or university may request a scholarship deferment for up to two years provided the recipient is continuously enrolled in an accredited community college or technical/vocational school and all credit hours from the community college or technical/vocational school are transferrable.

Furthermore, the recipient requesting a deferment, as described above, may also apply for book reimbursement up to $200 per semester for the first year. The eligibility for the book reimbursement will follow the same requirements listed above for the main scholarship.

The rotary club scholarship chairperson and more information may be found at

Updated 06-26-2018

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