Rotary Club of Tulsa Announces Tina Miller As Executive Director

NEW LEADERSHIP: Tina Miller with Mike Homan, the current president of the Rotary Club of Tulsa.

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The Rotary Club of Tulsa has announced Tina Miller as its new executive director. Previously, Miller was associated with Tulsa World of Gymnastics, Inc., which was founded by her parents in 1976. 

“Welcoming Tina as Rotary Club of Tulsa’s new executive director is really starting a new and exciting chapter for our club,” says Mike Homan, president of the Rotary Club of Tulsa. “She will bring invaluable and exhaustive business management experience to our Rotary club, helping the organization to continue growing.”

Miller says she is proud of her previous experience with Tulsa World of Gymanstics, a program that for 40 years served the Tulsa community, promoting physical fitness and early childhood development. 

“Tulsa World of Gymnastics was my second home,” Miller says. “The business was retired in 2016 and now, I’m looking forward to the opportunity of serving the Rotary Club of Tulsa where I have been a member for nine years.  Being part of a service organization that positively impacts our community with a world outreach is very exciting.”

Miller’s early training in gymnastics as a competitor served her well as she transitioned into coaching positions and eventually to administrative director. She managed a staff of more than 30 employees with an average enrollment of 800 children.  Programs and curriculum for children and adults with developmental disabilities and facilitating community outreach was also under her direction. 

“I have a great passion for the programs that were developed at Tulsa World of Gymnastics allowing opportunities for inclusion for all students,” Miller says.  “We prided ourselves on wanting to make a world of difference for children.”  I welcome the opportunity to serve an organization that is making a positive impact in our community and united worldwide to provide humanitarian service.”

To learn more about Rotary Club of Tulsa and its commitment to serving the Tulsa community and the larger, international world, visit or call 918-584-8690.

Updated 04-27-2018

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