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CREATIVE TACHING: Students learn how to prepare a fish entrée at Sage Culinary Studio.

Sage Culinary Studio brings the ingredients of learning, creativity and fun together to form one of the most unique activities in the Tulsa area. Founder Catherine deCamp loved cooking in the kitchen with her daughter and hoped to find a place that encouraged kitchen activities and have fun with others. “After a search, I found that there was absolutely nothing offered in the Tulsa area for cooking as an extracurricular activity.”

One year ago, deCamp established Sage Culinary Studio in the heart of Brookside with the help of her daughter, family and friends. Now, not only does her daughter have a great place to learn how to cook, but deCamp has what she describes as the best job in the world.

With the mission of sharing the fun and simple skills of cooking with students of all ages, Sage Culinary Studio has brought a boastful flavor to the community.

An interest of cooking, many times, develops quickly into a passion at Sage Culinary Studio. “The students who attend our classes love to cook and see it as fun, relaxing, interesting and delicious! When children come to the studio, we open their eyes to the many delicious ways food can be prepared.”

There are a variety of classes that are offered including Taste the World, which students learn how to prepare recipes from a variety of countries. The Bake and Take class teaches students how to prepare muffins, quick breads and other pastries, which are then taken home to share with family. Pre-Kindergarten students enjoy taking the Once Upon a Kitchen class. The children prepare their meals and while they cook, deCamp reads a book to the students. An item that was mentioned in the book is one of the items they prepared in class.

Sage Culinary Studio is very unique in a number of ways. “The instructor shows the students how to perform a technique and the students do the actual work with their batch of the food. In our regular one and one-half hour classes, cooks prepare a savory dish and desserts, set their places at the table and then spend the rest of their class time eating and enjoying the company of their peers.”

Students enjoy spending time with one another in the studio and often feel right at home. “The students who come to the studio are happy to be there and we have a great time cooking together.”

Laughter often fills the kitchen as students prepare their recipes and run into a few funny surprises along the way. deCamp shares one of these funny occasions that she remembers the most. “For the holidays we have gingerbread house decorating sessions that are a blast! Unfortunately there isn’t time for the children to construct the houses and have the houses be dry and strong enough to hold a few pounds of icing and candy so we do that before they arrive. Last year we were using royal icing to construct the gingerbread houses and suddenly several of the houses collapsed. We were running back and forth propping the walls and ceilings only to have other houses collapse.”

For more information, visit or call (918) 933-5005.

Updated 02-19-2010

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