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ORDER UP: Executive Chef Scott Van Tuyl prepares one of the many unique dishes in the café at Savory Chef. In the background is Savory Chef OwnerDon Jones.


With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, Don and Leslie Jones decided to bring together their interests of kitchenware, culinary education and dining by opening the Savory Chef.

Don feels that cooking and baking can form memories for families that will last for a lifetime. “The kitchen has in many ways become the center of the home. Families talk about their day, share stories and laugh while cooking.”

Savory Chef features a variety of classes that families and individuals have enjoyed taking. The Pro Chef Program has become very popular and is currently in its 30th session. The program prepares students with skills for the catering or restaurant industries. Many students also become caterers or personal chefs once graduating.

The Pastry Arts Program has brought together the techniques of some of the most talented bakers in the field. This program focuses on these foundational techniques as well as functional and everyday uses of the skill.

RecipeHow2 was implemented as a supplement to the classes offered at Savory Chef. With an annual membership, students have the opportunity to view a series of instructional videos and follow along in their own kitchens. This program has been welcomed by students who do not have time to take a formal class.

Don and Leslie recently decided to add a café to Savory Chef, which showcases the recipes that are used in the culinary programs. The addition has served as a great way to introduce the community to their talented instructors. Dishes are prepared with every attention to detail evident.

Through their travels, Don and Leslie feel that it is important to bring a piece of their experiences back to Savory Chef in the form of products.

Savory Chef offers an array of beautiful and unique products to compliment any kitchen. Among the products is Italian dinnerware that is available in multiple styles and colors. Also available are a variety of charming serving pieces from places such as Portugal and South America.

Specialty foods are also a featured product at Savory Chef. Imported Italian pastas are available along with advice on tasty recipes to try. One of the most unique products that Savory Chef carries is King Author Flour, which Don explains is made in the oldest operating flourmill in the United States.

Don and Leslie have most enjoyed forming lasting relationships with individuals while owning Savory Chef. “Culturally, food is magic. It ties everyone together from individuals to entire nations.”

Savory Chef is located at 8283 South Memorial Drive. For more information, call (918) 307-2433, or visit

Updated 05-18-2010

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