School Election Information Announced

Polls will open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 8, for voters in the -1 Tulsa School District, Election District Number 1, the -3 Broken Arrow School District, Election District Number 1/Wagoner County portion only, the -4 Bixby School District, the -7 Skiatook School District, the -8 Sperry School District, the -9 Union School District, Election District Number 1, as well as a Special Election for the entire -9 Union School District, the -14 Liberty School District, and the Tulsa Technology Center District Number 18, Zone 2 only. Patty Bryant, Secretary of the Tulsa County Election Board, offered voters some tips on how to make their vote count.

Bryant said that a valid marking —— a filled in arrow——is shown on posters at the polling place and inside the voting booths. If voters make mistakes marking their ballots, Bryant said they should not try to correct those errors. Instead, voters should return the spoiled ballot to the Precinct Officials, who will destroy it and issue a new ballot to the voter.

Bryant also urged voters to take their Voter Identification Cards with them to the polls. “Your voter identification card can help Precinct Officials find your name in the Precinct Registry and it may also help them resolve the problem if you are not listed in the Precinct Registry.”

Voters whose names are not found in the Precinct Registry, or a voter who disagrees with the information shown in the Registry, may need to cast a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot is sealed in a special envelope and counted after election day if the voter’s information can be verified by the County Election Board, but requires the voter to be voting in the correct precinct.


Note Recent Polling Place Changes from 2010 and 2011:

Precinct Name Address
039 Memorial Drive Church of Christ 747 South Memorial Dr. (Formerly McClure Community Center)
351 First Baptist Church 114 East Breckenridge Avenue (Formerly Bixby City Hall)
474 Immanuel Lutheran Church 400 North Aspen Avenue (Formerly Peters Elementary)
551 O’Brien Recreation Center 6230 North Birmingham (Formerly First Baptist Church of Turley)
900 Immanuel Baptist Church 625 South Broadway (Formerly Skiatook Community Center)

Updated 01-28-2011

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