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SHINE BRIGHT: Sparkling jewel tones are the way to go this spring. Add in geometric prints in a flowing dress and you’re ready for any occasion. For flairs of color for less, pick up bracelets, necklaces or hand bags.

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With the beginning of spring closet cleaning and reorganization, there are a few things fashionistas need to take into consideration. To look fabulous, fresh and just plain fierce this season, it will take less effort than before and also be most attainable. What could be this easy, keeping up on current trends and still not compromising the integrity of what makes you, you?

It’s simple: push the black to the back. Color is where it’s at! This is the time to leave the drab hues of yesteryear behind. Walk out from the gloom and doom that once was your closet and walk into the high fashion spotlight. Color yourself beautiful!
The fact of the matter is dressing in black is easy. If you do not take the time to think about your wardrobe or even what you want to portray to the world, it won’t take time for you. How you present yourself to others, especially in a world made up of first impressions, plays into all aspects of life. Clothing changes the way that you feel on the inside and once you feel different, you act and react differently which leads people to treat you differently.

Beginning at the bottom, shoes are an easy way for anyone to bring in that much needed color. Use them to add splashes of bright jewel tones and don’t worry about matching them to any other color in the garments. Matching your shoes, handbags and belts are easy and inexpensive ways to add life to a wardrobe. When dressing in separates, mix in prints like floral, stripes and geometrics. Use bright blues, greens, purples and pinks to let true colors show through this season and enjoy the vibes it brings to your life.

Kim Abdo is the owner of Isabella’s, an upscale fashion store located in Tulsa’s Brookside at 35th St. just east of Peoria Ave. The phone number is (918) 744-9100. The Web site is

Updated 04-23-2008

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