Seeing Tulsa From a Bicycle Perspective

Out & About in Greater Tulsa by EMILY RAMSEY
Managing Editor

EXPLORING RIVER PARKS: A view of downtown Tulsa and the current stage of construction at A Gathering Place for Tulsa from the pedestrian bridge.

EMILY RAMSEY for GTR Newspapers

Ever since I moved into downtown Tulsa four years ago, I have wanted to buy a bicycle. But I have held back from making a purchase, continually questioning myself and whether I would really, consistently ride it.

It doesn’t help that I have years of stored memories of my childhood bicycle sitting lonely in my family’s garage, waiting to be ridden until it was eventually given away. Not only is that a waste of money, but, plain and simple, it makes me sad to see something sitting alone, even if that “thing” doesn’t have feelings.

Even with River Parks just a couple of blocks away, I still wasn’t confident that I would eagerly hop on my bicycle at least once a week.

I wasn’t sure until Central Library reopened in October.

Living just a five-minute walk and two-minute bicycle ride away from the library, I feel like I have been transformed, and my recently-purchased bicycle has added a new dimension to my life that I love.

Since buying my bike, I have spent numerous mornings at Central Library, working, studying, reading and soaking in the activity that surrounds it. There is a strongly detectable feeling of life that permeates downtown libraries – a pulse that can be easily felt and one that that is infectious and inspiring, reminding me of just how much humans thrive on being with other humans.

Over the past weeks, I have ventured out on my bicycle beyond the library to downtown restaurants and onto the River Parks trail system that is so expansive; it will take me some time to explore it all.

Right now, I am focused on the trails around downtown and the Arkansas River, which also afford me views of A Gathering Place for Tulsa and its construction progress.

After living in an area for 30-some years, it’s always a fun surprise when I learn or experience something new about Tulsa, and these new areas of exploration are doing that for me: providing me welcome, new perspectives of my home.

Updated 10-24-2016

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