‘Seeking Sitters’ Finds Babysitters

Seeking Sitters Inc. is a company founded by a third generation Tulsa family who recognize the important issue of finding reliable, trustworthy and ethical babysitters for parents’ needs. With on-demand babysitting help, Seeking Sitters Inc. takes the stress out of finding a babysitter by sending parents the professional help a family deserves. With over 20 Certified Sitters (and adding more based on demand) always on call, every family in the Tulsa metropolitan area can have a safe and easy solution to the babysitting dilemma. And another great solution is that payment for the Sitter is made with a credit card. Never again spend the drive home figuring out what to pay the sitter or make a last-minute run to the ATM. Because Seeking Sitters Inc. requires all customers to become Seeking Sitters Members, the membership and credit card set-up process checks the validity of the family as well.

Who are the Sitters? A Certified Sitter is certified to be over 18 years of age, have childcare experience and/or CPR first aid training, have their own transportation and have undergone a thorough employment background check. The founders of Seeking Sitters Inc. have over 30 years of employment background screening for the legal profession and corporations, so they know just how to find reliable, trustworthy and ethical individuals to assist you. After every Certified Sitter is screened, they are personally interviewed by Seeking Sitters Inc. and if approved, accepted into the babysitting team.

Seeking Sitters Inc. takes babysitting a step further. Once the sitter is added to the babysitting team, he or she is instructed to do more than just “SIT” when babysitting your children. All Sitters arrive at your home in Seeking Sitters’ uniform. They play, read and interact with activities regularly provided to the Sitters by Seeking Sitters Inc. And at the completion of the event, Sitters fill out an activity sheet to be left at the family’s home that describes what happened during the event, i.e. eating times, activities and comments. Seeking Sitters Inc.’s members have the opportunity to comment on the sitter’s performance and can even request a favorite Sitter for future events.

Not only do parents get to sit back while Seeking Sitters Inc., an insured and bonded company, finds a Certified Sitter, all of this service is with minimal cost to the Seeking Sitters Member. For further information or a pricing schedule, visit Seeking Sitters Inc. online at www.seekingsitters.com or contact Adrienne Kallweit at 918-232-3588.

Updated 12-17-2004

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