SeekingSitters Wins Mayor’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

TOP ENTREPRENEURS: Adrienne and David Kallweit of SeekingSitters were named the winners of Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award competition. Seeking Sitters strives to provide child-care for families, corporations and individuals. The Kallweits were presented with $25,000 from SpiritBank and display their award with Mayor Taylor in the photo above.

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Mayor Kathy Taylor and SpiritBank President and CEO Kell Kelly announced SeekingSitters as the winning company in the Mayor’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award competition Nov. 7.

SeekingSitters, owned by Adrienne and David Kallweit, is a network of local, in-home babysitters who provide child-care for families, corporations and individuals. The Kallweits received $25,000 and support from the SpiritBank Business Resource Center Strategic Partner Network.

The competition, sponsored by SpiritBank, was formed to stimulate entrepreneurial activity and raise awareness of the resources available to aid business developers in Tulsa. More than 60 entrants submitted plans for their start-ups or presentations of their new Tulsa businesses. The 60 entrants were narrowed down to 23 and asked to submit their business plans. After judging those plans, the competition was narrowed again to six, all of whom were honored at the award ceremony at the Gilcrease Museum.

Entrants were judged on the strength of the plan, the viability of the business, growth potential and a commitment to staying in Tulsa, among other criteria.

Second place was awarded to Lunchman, submitted by Brandon Pollet, Corey Redington, Cody Pollet and John Hale. Lunchman is a Web-based application that provides eating decision and social networking features.

Third place went to The Skunk Whisperer, submitted by Ned and Betsey Bruha. The company provides humane animal removal and prevention of wildlife problems in urban and rural areas.The remaining top six included:

Tulsa BioFuels: Todd Stephens and Randy Kimberlin. The company specializes in biodiesel fuel production.

Emerge Interactive Media: Jessica Powell and Diane White. The company enhances traditional advertising and public relations methods on underserved, small businesses.

LuXsine Energy Co.: Travis W. Mecham and Joseph T. Redman. The company has developed a solar-thermal conversion device that minimizes reflective and re-radiation energy losses.

Updated 11-20-2007

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