Senator Coburn Endorses Bartlett for Mayor

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn has announced his endorsement of Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

In a statement made Friday, Sept. 27, 2013, Coburn said, “When Dewey Bartlett took office, he made the tough decisions necessary to balance the City of Tulsa’s budget and start moving Tulsa forward to a brighter future.”

“While painful and politically unpopular at the time, Mayor Bartlett implemented spending cuts which will maintain a fiscally sound community. Because he has real world experience outside of politics, Dewey has a solid framework by which to make tough decisions and seek solutions to the root problems facing the city, and not just the symptoms of the problems.

“Mayor Bartlett is addressing the long-term solvency of Tulsa’s pension fund, which ensures that the city will not follow in the footsteps of bankrupt cities like Detroit, and he has focused on capital investments rather than frivolous spending,” Coburn added. “He has operated the city like a business and addressed the issues that are important to the citizens of Tulsa.”

Coburn said Tulsa voters face a clear choice on the mayoral ballot in November.

“I endorsed Dewey Bartlett four years ago, when he first ran for mayor, and I am glad to endorse him in his re-election bid. He has spent a lifetime supporting the conservative values that most Tulsans share. Under his leadership, the city has made significant strides in once again becoming a dynamic and energetic city poised for even greater things.

“I hope Tulsans will re-elect Mayor Bartlett on Tuesday, November 12,” Coburn concluded.

Updated 09-28-2013

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