Senior Guard Seth Chargois Ready to Lead Union Basketball Back to State Tournament

By Mike Moguin
GTR Sports Writer

MIKE MOGUIN for Union Boundary

Union does not know what it’s like to not be playing in the state basketball tournament, but it did have to experience it last March after coming up short in the area tournament.
Seth Chargois, a 6’5″, 192-pound shooting guard and one of four senior returning starters, intends to make sure Union earns a spot when March rolls back around.
“That was the first time in a while that we didn’t make it (to the state tournament). It was my first year too (as a starter), I never played in the state tournament, so it will be meaningful to get there.”
Union had a scrimmage against Putnam City less than a week before the season opener. Chargois said it was a tough outing.
“It was all right. We could have played better,” he said. “It was harder to score because the team we played played defense all the way compared to the Tulsa teams.”
Union followed up with a season opening win against Bixby on Nov. 26.
What Chargois likes the most about the hardwood game is, “it’s fun,” he said.
He also loves to dunk.
“I can shoot,” Chargois said. “I can get to the rim anytime, really. I like to get my teammates involved whenever I drive to kick it out.”
When it comes to basketball role models, his NBA favorites are Zack Levine of the Chicago Bulls and Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns.
“Zack Levine used to be like a dunker, now he’s really expanded his game. He could shoot threes and play point guard,” Chargois said. “Devin Booker is smooth in the way he shoots the ball.”
His favorite NBA team is the Los Angeles Lakers.
“It’s Lebron. He is one of my favorite players. I really model my game after him. He can do it all.”
Chargois said he was not a Lakers’ fan before James joined the team.
“I just like wherever Lebron goes,” he said. He had also been a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, when James played for those respective teams.
Seth is the younger brother of Ethan Chargois who was a standout at Union before graduating three seasons ago. Ethan is now thriving at SMU.
“It’s good,” Seth said of Ethan’s success. “I really look up to him because he is doing what I want to do. It’s really helping me to see what he is doing, so that I can do it too and get to where he is.”
Seth always tried to make it to to the Reynolds Center on the University of Tulsa campus when the Mustangs were in town to play TU. He has also made trips to Dallas to see SMU’s home games.
“Since I have family living in Houston, they’ll come up to Dallas and we’ll meet them and just have a good time at the game. Then, we’ll do something afterwards,” Seth said.
Seth has gladly taken advice from Ethan.
“He really told me, whenever he was in his first game in college, that I was going to have to be able to do everything and just play hard all the time, play defense and get stronger, because that’s how everybody else is at the next level,” Seth said.
Only one time has Ethan watched Seth play since being at SMU.
“We were in Oklahoma City, and he came up to watch me play,” Seth said.
As a senior, the younger Chargois knows he has a leadership role this season. He knows the capabilities of his teammates.
“Micah (Lovett) is good at getting everybody involved,” Chargois said. “He played hard defense. Mason (Mecke) can shoot real good. R.J. (Forney) plays all around. He plays hard all the time too. Neo (Boykins) plays hard too, he tries to get all the rebounds he can. That’s actually our starting five.
Chargois sees BTW as the toughest foe on this side of the state. On the west side, he sees PC West, PC North and Putnam City.
“They (the PC schools) really press on defense the whole game,” Chargois said. “They try to turn it over. They do it the whole game and they don’t get tired.”