Sheriff Glanz Thanks Tulsa County Voters

Tulsa County Sheriff

It is with sincere gratitude that I would like to thank the citizens of Tulsa County for approving both public safety initiatives on April 1. With a 66 percent approval for the jail improvements and a 70 percent approval for the juvenile justice improvements, both were supported all across Tulsa County. Out of the 263 precincts in Tulsa County, the jail won all but 20 and the juvenile projects won all but eight.

The public’s support of these initiatives was about more than building new facilities. It was also a vote of confidence from the citizens towards the leaders in county government. People have witnessed that those of us in county government do what we say and can be trusted.

Issues like these are not just about taxes. They are about having faith in public officials who truly care about what people care about. When the public sees and believes that our public officials are sincere and authentic in their concerns about what is important to improve our community, they will support it. They always have. Contrary to what some would have us believe, the men and women serving in county government are good and honest citizens.

One of the most satisfying results of this election is to know that no longer are voters letting themselves be mislead or misguided by false claims or empty accusations made by those who have neither the knowledge or experience to know the truth of the issues. Voters take the time to be wise in making their decisions and have learned that those who are always against everything generally don’t stand for anything that will improve our communities.

Now that the citizens of Tulsa County have resoundingly said !, we will begin the planning process to deliver on what was promised: state of the art facilities that take the treatment of the mentally ill in jail seriously and give children and families who are in our juvenile justice system the respect and dignity they deserve.

As you will recall, the election was about repurposing and extending a small sales tax that is set to expire June 30 in the City of Tulsa. Therefore the funding to start the projects will not be available until after July 1. In the meantime, there will be lots to do with the selection of architects, project managers, and builders. This could take the next six months. My hope is that by fall at least the jail projects will be underway.

This was a quality of life election. But it wasn’t about improving our lives as voters as much as it was about us putting quality back into the lives of others. Communities of character like Tulsa County will do that every time their trusted leaders bring forth a well thought out plan.

This was one of those times. Thank you Tulsa County for believing in our future.

Updated 04-30-2014

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