Small Business Retreat

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PASSING THE GAVEL: The owner of The Sign Post, Dave Grim, left, and CEO of TPI Billing Solutions LLC Ray Thomas “pass the gavel” at the annual Tulsa Metro Chamber Small Business Council Retreat. Grim is the incoming chair for 2008. The Council retreat was held at the Central Park Meeting Center. The retreat was facilitated by speaker and consultant Dr. Leo Presley. The planning meeting helps the Small Business Council strategically determine the initiatives and goals for the upcoming year.

The Tulsa Metro Chamber estimates that 82 percent of all businesses in Tulsa have fewer than 10 employees. The Small Business Council serves as a voice for those businesses. With 30 members of seasoned professionals serving as mentors to early-stage businesses, the council helps develop programs of value to the business community while providing input to the Tulsa Metro Chamber Board of Directors.

For more information, visit and click on the ‘Small Business Resources’ link.

Updated 10-24-2007

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