Smitty’s Offers Burger Dining at Reasonable Prices

Contributing Writer

SPORTS TV VIEWING: Smitty’s Garage Burgers and Beer has four Greater Tulsa locations: two in Tulsa at 7104 S. Sheridan Rd. and 9718 Riverside Pkwy.; one in Broken Arrow at 801 E. Hillside Dr.; and one in Owasso at 13303 E. 96th St. N.

Smitty’s Garage Burgers and Beer came to Tulsa in 2017 with its first location at 7104 S. Sheridan Rd. The chain also has locations in Tulsa at 9718 Riverside Pkwy., in Broken Arrow at 801 E. Hillside Dr., near Bass Pro Shop, and in Owasso at 13303 E. 96th St. N.
The restaurant concept asks customers to order at the counter, and then have their food delivered to them at their table, with the exception of individuals who sit at the bar, where they get full food and drink service.
The menu consists largely of what its name states: burgers, plus salads, appetizers, tacos and sandwiches, with prices running between $6 and $10 for an appetizer or entree.
Smitty’s is another Hal Smith Restaurant designed to clearly be a family eatery as well as a sports lover’s spot, with TV’s placed throughout, including many in its bar area.
For our appetizer, we chose nachos, which are covered in queso, grilled jalapenos, tomatoes, sour cream and a side of salsa. Meat or other topping add-ons are available. We chose grilled chicken and avocado.
The nachos, instead of being covered in toppings, had most of them sitting in the center of the pile of chips, forcing us to distribute the toppings onto all of the “naked” chips. Other than that, the flavors were enjoyable. I am a major fan of salsa so I would have liked more tomatoes and sauce.
For our entrees, we ordered the Smothered Chili and Cheese Burger and the Banh Mi Tacos.
Burgers do not come with a side, which leaves them looking lonely on a plate. We chose to add a side of fries, for $2, which came with a nice degree of spiciness. I think that’s a confusing mistake for this chain’s target audience—families—who are focused on bargains. The burger, which is topped with chili, cheese and red onion, tasted good, like a typical chiliburger.
Our other chosen entree was the Banh Mi Tacos, which were spicy with cilantro and large pieces of cod. The dish was very fresh and came with a side of chips and salsa. As of this visit, these tacos were available; however, I heard that at the end of September, they were taken off of the menu. A disappointing loss and perhaps the only reason I would have returned. With the tacos I ordered a side of Herman’s Slaw, which was good and very vinegar flavored; a green element, such as cilantro, would have been a nice addition.
Smitty’s “radical hour” runs Monday-Friday from 3-6 p.m. and features local and domestic beers starting at $2.
For more information, call 918-584-8484.