Solving All of Your Fashion Emergencies

Q: Jessica Meyer, Tulsa, Writes in: How do I dress for the ever changing temperatures on a day-to-day basis and still remain comfortable? It’s frigid in the mornings and evenings but sometimes almost spring-like in the afternoons.

A: You’re not the only one that has asked me that question nor are you the only one that is struggling with this same issue.

Key Numero Uno… Layering!

Most people fail to recognize that clothing has to be separated seasonally. I have been guilty of this type of thinking.

Of course, if it is an obvious summer piece, by all means separate. You would be surprised what you can do by mixing and matching these pieces.

Try this one on for size: take what you would call a simple but elegant summer dress, say in silk, one that you might wear out dancing, to a garden party or even on a Saturday shopping outing with the girls.

Ready for the transformation?

Add a suede belt (be sure and pull all of the fabric in the front of the dress taut and tight around to the back pulling up past the belt about a half inch, which creates the illusion of a puckered pleating. Then you add the stiletto knee-hi boots, a leather bomber jacket, killer jewelry and you are ready to go!

In addition, I want to mention the accessories. Accessories can also be used for layering so go bold! Wear your legwarmers as arm warmers. Add a funky colored tight to that plain black dress, and stock up on the hats and scarves. That’s wear it is at this season…

Send your fashion questions to, call (918) 744.9100, or shoot a letter to 1311 E. 35th St., Tulsa, OK 74105. Kim Abdo, Fashion Stylist.

Updated 02-24-2009

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