Sooners Tally Top-10 Finishes at Head of the Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA – The University of Oklahoma rowing team returned to the water Sunday morning for the second day of the Head of the Oklahoma. The Sooners opened the morning’s competition with the 4000-meter collegiate single race, followed by the open double and the open four.

“Today we raced our top athletes in the small boats,” Head Coach Leeanne Crain said. “Rebecca Staff and Meghan Farrell did a great job in the singles, finishing in the top 5. I was also pleased to see our pairs close to Washington State, a program that has been consistently in the Top 15 nationally.”

In the collegiate singles race, both boats finished back-to-back with the top boat, led by Staff, finishing in fourth with a time of 18 minutes and 12.260 seconds. Boat “B”, led by Farrell, finished fifth (18:39.004).

In the open pairs race, three of the four boats fielded finished in the top 10 with the top boat, led by Nicole Furmanek and Meagan Harrell, finishing fourth (17:23.895). Boat “B”, led by Sarah Kelle and Brooke Sheppard, finished in fifth (17:27.289). Boat “C” with Amber Coyne and Katie Klassen finished ninth (17:46.720). Boat “D” (Kat Rabe and Brooke Holleman) finished fourteenth (18:14.916).

In the open four race, both of the Sooner boats finished in the top four. The top boat, led by coxswain Kelsey Witten and rowers Staff, Furmanek, Harrell and Farrell, finished second (15:49.355) behind Washington State (15:22.497). Boat “B”, led by Amanda Hoffman and rowers Klassen, Sheppard, Kelle, and Coyne, finished fourth (16:24.177).

The Sooners return to the water Oct. 23 and 24 in Boston, Mass. at the Head of the Charles.

Updated 10-12-2010

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