South Tulsa Cakery Offers Holiday Treats

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SWEET TREATS: Allison and Chris Dickens, owners of Ludger’s, pictured at left, opened Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery in May in the Tuscana on Yale Center at 8931 S. Yale Ave. The cakery offers cakes, breakfast items and coffees, including holiday pastries and other specials.

Courtesy Ludger’s

Allison and Chris Dickens want to serve the needs of every one of their customers at Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery—whether that’s individuals looking for a breakfast morsel to go with their coffee or a person in need of a large spread for a corporate event.

Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery, which opened in May in the Tuscana on Yale center, offers cakes, breakfast items and coffees. Breakfast items include muffins, turnovers and strudel, and quiche is made daily. Cakes and various pastries, including cookies and cupcakes, are available throughout the day.

During the holiday season, Ludger’s will feature specialty items and pastries, such as Egg Nog Lattes, Pumpkin Bavarian Cream cheesecake and other seasonal confections.

Gift cards, no doubt a welcome stocking stuffer, can be found in the store all year.
Allison’s father founded Ludger’s and has been providing cakes, pastries and other foods to Tulsa residents since 1982. However, when he began making plans to retire, Allison saw the need to step in. “This is our family’s history, its legacy,” she says. “I didn’t want to see it end up in someone else’s hands.”

This is the company’s first move into retail, says Allison, which is something that came about due to customer feedback. While the company originally only made cakes by order, “now customers can walk in, and we can hand them a cake right there,” she says.

While owning a retail business is a new adventure for the Dickens—Allison holds a degree in mechanical engineering—“this was something that we wanted to become our future,” she says.

The cakery’s ever-changing menu selection is a result of regular collaboration among the Dickens and their employees including their kitchen manager, Meg Pinasco, who is graduate of the California Culinary Academy.

“It’s been fun and interesting adapting to what people like and don’t like,” says Allison. “We are constantly learning.”

Cakes, breakfast and dessert items are available for groups and individuals, including breakfast and dessert trays and personalized cakes and pastries, which are a favorite as gifts, Dickens says. Items can be picked up or delivered.
Place an order with Ludger’s by calling 918-622-2537, or visit the store at 8931 S. Yale Ave.

Updated 12-16-2013

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