Spirit of Regionalism Alive with enVision Summit

LOOKING FOR IDEAS: Becky J. Frank, chairman and CEO of Schnake Turnbo Frank PR and chair of the Tulsa Metro Chamber Board, is calling on business leaders and the public to participate in the enVision Summit on April 27 to help build the region.

Courtesy Tulsa Metro Chamber

Becky J. Frank, chairman and of Schnake Turnbo Frank PR and chair of the Tulsa Metro Chamber Board, is enthusiastic and optimistic about Tulsa and the surrounding region’s growth and development opportunities in the years ahead. In order to determine the best steps to achieve the region’s tremendous potential, Frank, along with Tulsa County and regional mayors, are calling on business leaders and the public to participate in the enVision Summit on April 27 in Central Park Hall at Expo Square from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Frank says, “Building a vision for the region requires bold ideas and advice, creativity and innovative thinking. Bringing together ideas and energy from the business community, the arts and humanities, civic organizations and the public offers a dynamic mix of ideas and aspirations. The enVision Summit is the catalyst for this growth in the years ahead.”

Frank feels confident in the summit participants’ ability to offer bold, creative and innovative ideas to address the question “What’s Next?” for the Tulsa region. Some of the issues to be covered at the enVision Summit include infrastructure, use of land and water resources, business recruitment, sports and entertainment industries and regional collaboration and efficiencies.

Gary Akin, president, Owasso Chamber of Commerce, says, “The enVision Summit is an extremely important step in developing a cohesive vision of where we want to see the region going in the future. The spirit of regionalism is key to our success, both collectively as a region, and individually as cities and towns.”

Akin says the city of Tulsa is key to regional growth because regional communities need a core city. At the same time he says, “Core cities need regions in order to develop and be successful. It is a real collaborative relationship.”

Speaking to the strength of the Tulsa region’s collaborative spirit, Frank says, “We have strong vibrant communities that are cooperating more than ever and demonstrating that a regional approach to economic development can be very successful.” Job creation, retention and economic growth are key priorities which will rely on increased regional cooperation.

The Tulsa Metro Chamber has been working with Tulsa’s surrounding communities over the years to develop stronger more dynamic relationships. This work culminated in six area chambers of commerce and the Tulsa Metro Chamber signing a compact to work together to advance economic growth and opportunities in the region. “The collaboration with the Broken Arrow, Jenks, Sand Springs, Bixby, Sapulpa and Owasso Chambers is instrumental in reaching our goals for the region, and we look forward to including other surrounding chambers in this effort,” says Frank.

The enVision Summit is a critical part of this process. It provides the opportunity to gather ideas, galvanize support, and prepare a vision for the metro region. The vision could take on various aspects through identifying various sectors of growth beneficial to the region that include job creation, a dynamic and growing economy, education, transportation improvements, tourism and more.

Frank says, “We have a lot to be proud of as a region, and what we have accomplished over the years. Our history is rich with people who had a bold vision of what we could become. Their ability to envision big ideas, take initiative, and achieve their goals has left us with a legacy of success in areas of economic development, education, transportation, dynamic industries and an excellent quality of life.” With all the region has to be proud of however, Frank says it’s vital to maintain the momentum and the passionate desire to continue envisioning bold ideas for our future, and that the enVision Summit is instrumental in the process. Frank says, “I’m very enthusiastic about the passion and commitment our leaders, business owners and citizens have for our region. It will be gratifying and energizing to hear their opinions and ideas at the enVision Summit.”

The enVision Summit will be Friday, April 27, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Central Park Hall, Expo Square, 4145 East 21st in Tulsa. For more information, call the Tulsa Metro Chamber at 918-585-1201.

Updated 03-26-2012

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