SpiritBank Business Resource Center Moves to New Location

STANDING TALL: Strategic business partners of the SpiritBank Resource Center enjoy their new building, which is located across the street from the SpiritBank Building at 18th Street and Baltimore Avenue. From left are Sean Griffin, Vizalution; Ted Cundiff, president of the SpiritBank Business Resource Center and Liz Skates, BRC; Kallie Durham, Vizalution; and from the BRC Angel Alexander, Elaine Dishman, Karie Schaudt, Paul Bauman, Pat Levering and Christy Gehrki.


The SpiritBank Business Resource Center (BRC) has moved to its new home in the renovated Dupont Building across from SpiritTower at 18th Street and Baltimore Avenue in downtown Tulsa. Formerly home to Williams and Mapco, the Dupont Building sat vacant for several years before being completely revitalized for its new purposes.

The SpiritBank Business Resource Center goes beyond banking to provide small business owners with an environment that fosters success and finds solutions to everyday challenges. As a stand-alone entity separate from SpiritBank, the BRC offers many of the traditional financial services so vital to growing businesses, and also provides a variety of ongoing educational programs and unique offerings under one roof.

The Business Solutions Series has been created as a no-cost monthly interactive forum to resolve business challenges. By providing information on a variety of critical issues and hot topics, the Business Solutions Series offers the small business owner access to top thinkers and trendsetters, and tackles the trends and topics that ultimately impact business growth.
The resources developed and identified from the Business Solutions Series are further enhanced by the SpiritBank Business Resource Center Website (www.spiritbankbrc.com). This virtual business partner provides resources, references, templates and tools for the small business owner. Constantly evolving, the Website is the ultimate tool for the small business owner to connect with the latest information and trends for their business.

The SpiritBank Business Resource Center is also a clearinghouse for a variety of business specialties and services through a Strategic Partner Network. This specialized Rolodex service provides customers with access to an established, researched and trusted network of business partners and resources.

“One of the most significant differentiators that we have created by moving into our own building is the ability to share office space with members of our Strategic Partner Network. We not only have our bankers here, but select business partners who focus primarily on assisting business owners with resolving critical business issues,” says Ted Cundiff, president of the SpiritBank Business Resource Center.

Updated 04-26-2006

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