State Chamber of Oklahoma asks Legislature to override education veto

OKLAHOMA – The State Chamber of Oklahoma is calling upon the state Legislature to override Gov. Brad Henry’s veto of a measure designed to better track expenditures of Oklahoma school districts. House Bill 2575 creates more transparency in common education accounting procedures by establishing reporting codes and procedures prior to each fiscal year.

“The issue is that the State Department of Education is requiring districts to re-enter data multiple times in the same fiscal year because they changed their accounting codes,” said Fred Morgan, president and of The State Chamber. “This could result in different spending patterns. It not only changes how expenditures are classified, but also creates a huge burden on district staff that has to re-enter data. Kansas hasn’t changed accounting codes for several years.”

The Legislature unanimously passed HB 2575 by a vote of 97-0 in the House and 46-0 in the Senate.

Updated 05-11-2010

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