Stealth Police

DAVID JONES for GTR Newspapers

Police officer Jennifer Mansell poses outside the new Tulsa Police Downtown Safety Liaison office at 507 S. Main St. Mansell will be the only officer assigned to the office and then for only about five hours a day four days a week, but it will offer six bicycles that officers can ride throughout downtown making their presence known.

The office itself will have no jail facilities and isn’t set up to fight violent crime but the presence of the officers on the street will enable residents and workers of what is already one of the safest areas in Tulsa feel safer. “These are almost like stealth bikes,” one officer laughed. “Crooks are used to listening for sirens or the brakes on police cars squealing to a halt. These bikes are designed to run quietly. Before anyone knows we’re in the area we’re beside them.”

Updated 11-20-2007

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