Stimulating Gridiron

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(Top photo) FROM THE RIGHT: “Stimulate This! Or, You Can’t Fight Find City Hall!” was the title of the Tulsa Gridiron 2009 show, held at the Performing Arts Center April 30 and May 1-2. Tulsa-area talent spoofed both local and national political figures during the fun-filled performance. Above, Jerry Muratore wears a Tom Coburn sign during a skit.

(Bottom photo)FROM THE LEFT: Tulsa gridiron players had fun with President Obama “Movin’ on Up” in stimulating fashion. The Gridiron raises funds for scholarships for college students. Rebecca Ungerman served as the director of the show, and D.J. Morrow Ingram was the producer. Authors included Randy Krehbiel, Ed Bettinger, Eva Marie Gooden, Melissa Clark, Tim Colwell, Kelly Boggs, Tom Campbell, John Cory, Bruce Howard and Dana Duvall.

Updated 05-18-2009

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