Street Work Shows Progress

Remember the Fix Our Streets vote? That was 2008, and now in 2010 we are on our way to accomplish the nearly $452 million in projects that Tulsa voters approved. Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Police Chief Chuck Jordan, and Engineering Services Director Paul Zachary presented streets information at a recent news conference.

Two Fix Our Streets projects already are completed: street rehabilitation on Mohawk Boulevard between Cincinnati Avenue and Garrison Avenue; also street rehabilitation on 111th Street between Yale Avenue and Sheridan Road. Another project is under way – rehabilitation of 51st Street between Garnett Road and 129th East Avenue.

By the end of 2010, the City of Tulsa will begin construction on 16 of the Fix Our Streets neighborhood projects. The 2008 projects, however, are not the only ones going on right now. Tulsa also is finishing up projects from the 2005 Bond Issue and continuing with projects from the 2006 Sales Tax.

All these projects add up to construction occurring right now at more than 15 different arterial street locations and in eight neighborhoods. While driving through construction zones, motorists need to observe speed limits and “no left turn” signs. This increases safety for drivers and for workers at the project sites.

The City of Tulsa also requires contractors to maintain access for all businesses during construction. If something is hindering access to a business in a construction zone, report it to the Mayor’s Action Center either through the City website, or at 596-2100.

More information about current or upcoming street projects can be found online.

Updated 06-04-2010

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