Students Create Monarch Waystation

PLANTING MILKWEED:  Mary Phillips, left, TCC associate professor of biology, with TCC students who planted milkweed during the dedication of the new Monarch Waystation at the TCC Southeast Campus.

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A year-long research and community service project culminated with the recent dedication of a new Monarch Waystation at the Southeast Campus. students, faculty and community members part and planted milkweed.

The Monarch Waystation is part of ’s Outdoor Classroom used by biology classes on the Southeast Campus. Starting fall 2017, students in Mary Phillips’ biology courses researched ways to germinate varieties of milkweed and collected data to determine the best conditions. Their work in the lab with milkweed seeds produced the plants for the Monarch Waystation.

The project will become an official waystation with a plaque and is part of a strategic effort to help increase the monarch population since Oklahoma is in the migratory path. As part of the community service, students presented the research findings and project at the May Sustainable Tulsa meeting at the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity on the Metro Campus.

Taking part were students, faculty, staff and community partners including Monarch Watch, Okies for Monarch, Sustainable Tulsa Monarch Initiative, Grogg’s Green Barn, and Dr. Kristen Baum, associate professor at Oklahoma State University.

Updated 07-23-2018

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