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MAKING INITIATIVES: Representatives from the Oklahoma Heritage Association and area academic leaders met recently to collaborate with one another in education. Director of Communications and Marketing Erin Page paused after the meeting with Kathy Taylor in Utica Square.


The Oklahoma Heritage Association partnered with Kathy Taylor to discuss possible partnerships in area education.

The Oklahoma Heritage Association is hoping to inspire students throughout the state. Recently, area academic leaders and representatives from the association met to discuss all of the possibilities that this year may bring.

One of the most important components of a curriculum is history, they agreed, and many ideas came into conversation.

Those in attendance mentioned the idea of having students share their own stories of heritage with others in the classroom. This would be done by recording one another and then creating a documentary for all of the students to see. Not only fun, the project would bring about the sense of being a part of Oklahoma’s heritage.

“Teaching our state’s future leaders the importance of their Oklahoma heritage and sharing with them the accomplishments of the people who’ve made our state what it is today is at the very heart of our mission,” says Oklahoma Heritage Association and Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum President Shannon L. Rich.

Area academic leaders were very appreciative of the opportunity to bring students to the museum at no cost through the Free Field Trip Program. Many discussed their plans to attend during the meeting.

The Oklahoma Heritage Museum boasts an array of exhibits for students and their families to enjoy. Many share the stories of those who have called Oklahoma home such as Wiley Post, Ralph Ellison and Reba McEntire.

“We have taken great strides to include people from a diverse range of industries, backgrounds, socio-economic status and age so that everyone who comes to the museum will find someone with whom they can connect.”

Innovation is important for the association and around every corner of the museum are large screens that feature videos and interactive displays.

“We are proud of the energy and effort that has gone into the museum when a student discovers a new role model or ambition after meeting one of the Oklahomans in our exhibits.”

For more information, visit or call (405) 235-4458.

Updated 10-25-2010

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