TCC Launches New Concept for Holiday Giving

During the next few weeks, mailboxes will be stuffed with Christmas catalogs and shopping guides vying for attention this holiday season. They will shine and sparkle with pretty items that range from the useful to the useless. But what if, in the season of giving, individual’s generosity is the gift of opportunity to learn or to explore?

The Tulsa Community College Foundation has created the ultimate gift catalog, featuring scholarships, learning opportunities and educational experiences for students. Launched in time for the holiday season, The Wish Book 2016, in print and online, details gift-giving opportunities for those looking for something a little different.

“The Wish Book reimagines education giving opportunities and uses Neiman Marcus’ The Christmas Book as inspiration,” Lauren Brookey, president of the Foundation says.

The 17 projects featured in The Wish Book range from helping students in the Honors program to providing students an opportunity to learn about their heritage in the African country of Ghana or study at ’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California. Other projects include a new laboratory for biology students with naming rights, underwriting a student art competition or financing a mock courtroom renovation.

“The Wish Book is timed to capitalize on holiday giving as individuals look for that unique gift to give. Most of us will soon receive numerous retail catalogs with gifts that sparkle. The Wish Book is a catalog with opportunities – small or large – to help our students shine,” Brookey says.

Some of the gift opportunities are scholarships. A private scholarship in the name of its donor has value that extends beyond monetary support for a struggling college student, according to Brookey. Private scholarships link students to their future through graduates who traveled a similar academic or personal road. The donor provides a real example of the returns of hard work and perseverance for students who see economic, academic and social pressures ahead.

The catalog was born from the educational dreams of students and faculty at and reflects extraordinary experiences to assist the learning process.

“These ideas are sure to ignite a student’s passion or provide a building block for success. We call them opportunity gifts. The gifts you can give cover a broad range of costs and possibilities, and we will take donations at any level to help fund these education dreams,” Brookey says.

This is the first year for The Wish Book that provides a way to give back to students as an investment in tomorrow’s leaders of Tulsa. For more information, check out the digital version of The Wish Book 2016 at

Updated 12-06-2016

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