TCC Presents Greek Tragedy “Agamemnon”

Tulsa Community College’s Theatre Department gets rid of the togas and laurel wreaths in the upcoming telling of the classic Greek Tragedy “Agamemnon” by Aeschylus and translated by Robert Browning. This story is updated for the modern audience with a Steampunk influence for sound, prop designs, sets, and costumes and set in a post-apocalyptic future.

In this production of the Greek tragedy, the stage becomes a setting inspired by the industrialized Western civilization and takes on a post-apocalyptic future feel.

“Steampunk is a science fiction genre that we see in so many blockbuster movies and popular television shows right now,” said Theatre Coordinator Mark Frank who is directing the production. “The set designer, costumer and I wanted to bring this classic Greek tragedy to the stage for 2014 and have it appeal to the audience and hopefully get more people to come see a play.”

“Agamemnon” is the first play from the trilogy, the “Oresteia.” The play centers on King Agamemnon who returns home following a ten-year war and must face his wife, Clytemnestra who is still harboring resentment towards the king for sacrificing their daughter. Iphigenia was offered to the Greek Gods so his ships could sail to war to go save the kidnapped Helen of Troy.

The cast includes students Chris Jett as Agamemnon, Tabitha Littlefield as Clytemnestra, Alishia Amburgey as Iphigenia, Abigail McVickers as Cassandra, Timothy Hartman as Orestes, Tim Welch as Aegistius, Amanda Steen Wells as the Watchwoman. Melissa Jagel is the Chorus Leader with Bryan Blevins, Aisya Devereaux, Melissa Shearer, David Burgess and Anna Crowley as the Elders of Argos or chorus.

Thaddeus Usrey, Nathaniel Weber, Maria Carmona, Ruthie Sumo and Merlin Jacobs are also in the cast of the production. Charles Davis is an understudy with Melody Burch as stage manager and Jacob Bush and Dani Danks as assistant stage managers.

“Agamemnon” will be performed 8 p.m., April 24, 25, 26 and 2 p.m., April 20 and 27 in the Southeast Campus VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education Studio Theatre at 81st Street and Highway 169. Please call 918-595-7777 or go to for tickets.

Updated 04-23-2014

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