Terrorist Book Author Speaks at Tulsa Press Club

STRATEGIC ADVERTISING: Jami Fullerton holds up the book she co-authored about an anti-terrorism ad campaign titled “Advertising’s War On Terrorism: The Story of the U.S. Department’s Shared Values Initiative.???

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Tuesday, Dec. 14, Jami Fullerton, associate professor at OSU-Tulsa, spoke before the Tulsa Press Club Page One luncheon about her book: “Advertising’s War on Terrorism: The Story of the U.S. Department’s Shared Values Initiative (SVI).” Fullerton co-authored the book with Alice Kendrick, professor in the Temerlin Advertising Institute at Southern Methodist University.

The Shared Values Initiative was an advertising campaign sponsored by the U.S. State Department in 2002. According to a press release by the book’s publisher, the campaign was aimed at convincing the Muslim and Arab world that America is not waging war on Islam. The book cites internal documents and research to assert that the advertising campaign was successful in fostering more positive attitudes toward America in the Middle East and elsewhere. The campaign was canceled after less than two months.

“If communication campaigns like SVI have the potential to be effective, what went wrong in 2002 and what can be done in the future to make similar public diplomacy programs work better?” the book asks.

Dr. Fullerton, who is the recipient of one State Department grant and a participant in two others, often spends her summers abroad teaching and conducting research on cross-cultural communication and media globalization. The OSU College of Arts and Sciences named her an outstanding researcher in 2001. She currently serves as chair of the American Advertising Federation’s Academic Committee and is on the AAF Board of Directors.

Updated 12-18-2006

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