Terry Simonson Honored with Tulsa Hero Award By ‘The Other Other Club’ For Meritorious Service


Recently, at the annual black-tie dinner of “The Other Other Club” held at Southern Hills Country Club, 350 public and private leaders from across Oklahoma recognized Terry Simonson with the Tulsa Hero Award. The Tulsa Hero is one who has given unrecognized meritorious service to Tulsa.
The Other Other Club of Tulsa derives its title from the name taken by Winston Churchill and other kindred souls who took it upon themselves to form the “other club” in 1911 for irrepressible, outspoken conduct and unconventional political initiatives.
The Other Other Club of Tulsa was founded in 2001 to sponsor an annual celebratory dinner for the sole purpose of honoring those who share an abiding faith and devotion for the democratic institution and traditions of Western civilization. It is made up of men of civic virtue who wish to serve and improve the city of Tulsa, the state of Oklahoma, and the nation. Since this spirit was particularly articulated and exemplified in the life of Churchill, The Other Other Club honors Sir Winston’s memory, both for his noble deeds while in public office as well as the style and relish he brought to his private pursuits.
The Other Other Club celebrates the event and honors those who “do good’ by honoring Terry Simonson with the Tulsa Hero Award.
Simonson, an attorney with a juris doctor from the University of Tulsa, currently serves as Director of Governmental Affairs for the Board of Commissioners of Tulsa County, where he develops and executes the legislative agenda for Tulsa County with the Oklahoma Legislature.
Simonson also served as Chief of Staff and General Counsel to former Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett and as Chief Deputy to former County Commissioner Randi Miller.
He is also president and owner of Pathways Consulting and Government Relations, LLC.
Other Other Club Members of Distinction from Tulsa and the Tulsa area include, by category:
Members Decorated for Valor (for service to their country): Pete Chacon, Reuben Davis, Gentner F. Drummond, Rusty Goodman, Jerry Holmes, Michael Lapolla, Nick Krawciw, Bob McCoy, Harlan S. Pinkerton and Charles Ward.
Educators: Howard Barnett, David Boren, Jim Corbridge, James L. Gallogly, James Halligan, Burns Hargis and John Schumann.
Members of Distinction: Dr. Thomas W. Allen, Dewey Bartlett, Thomas R. Brett, John A. Brock, G.T. Bynum, Joe Cappy, Cason P.Carter, Dr. Tom A. Coburn, Brian Crain, George Dotson, Fredrick Drummond, Cy Elmberg, John M. Eagleton, Leonard J. Eaton, Tom Hughes, Terence C. Kern, King Kirchner, Phil Lakin Jr., Chip McElroy, Lew Mieberger, Joseph W. Morris, DeVier Pierson, A.T. Stair, S. Robson Walton, Henry G. Will and Mickey D. Wilson.
Members of Distinction are those who have been decorated for valor in the service of the United States, been elected to public office by Tulsa voters, founded a company creating significant employment (500+) for Tulsa, been CEO of a Fortune 500 company, been elected to an Oklahoma Hall of Fame, and/or named an Other Other Club Tulsa Hero. A Tulsa Hero is one who has given unrecognized meritorious service to Tulsa.