Thank You Tulsa for a Dream Come True

From the Mayor by G.T. BYNUM
Mayor of Tulsa

I am pleased and honored to serve my fellow Tulsans as the 40th Mayor of the City of Tulsa. Thank you for electing me as your mayor – it is a dream come true. I love this city, and I love having the opportunity to serve as your mayor.

With the kind support of the Greater Tulsa Reporter, you will see my monthly articles here, dedicated to updating you on city-related topics. In the coming weeks our administration will work hard to bring Tulsa together, so that all areas: north, south, east and west– prosper and thrive.

Today is an exciting time to be a Tulsan. We have a spirit of high expectations that can make our city nationally competitive, change our relationship with the county, and change the way we work with the schools and do more to make sure kids in north Tulsa have the same opportunities as kids in the rest of the city.

Our spirit of high expectations will allow us, in the next few years, to open the greatest city park in America, become the home to an Olympic sport, and transform the museum that houses the world’s greatest collection of Western art. We will build a lake in the center of the city, creating new recreational opportunities for the entire region. We will no longer lag behind, but will be a leader in the field of public transportation with the installation of bus rapid transit lines. We will also be a national leader in the use of data to deliver tremendous customer service to citizens.

We will work hard to build a great workplace for City employees. We will put an employee feedback process in place to create one of the best corporate cultures in the nation. Our management team, department heads and employees will work toward making us a nationally-leading innovative city.

Together, we can build the kind of city we will all be proud to pass on to the next generation.

I am thankful to be assisted in this work, not just by my City Council colleagues and the hard-working employees at the City of Tulsa but also by a number of new faces in the Mayor’s Office:
Michael Junk, Deputy Mayor; Jack Blair, Chief of Staff; Amy Brown, Deputy Chief of Staff; Mayor Kathy Taylor, Chief of Economic Development; James Wagoner, Chief of Performance Strategy and Innovation; Nick Doctor, Chief of Community Development and Policy; Jonathan Townsend, Mayor’s Assistant for Community Development and Policy; Christina Starzl Mendoza, Mayor’s Assistant for Community Development and Policy; Kimberly Madden, Mayor’s Executive Aide; and Brandon Oldham, Mayor’s Aide.

Get ready for great things, Tulsa – the best is yet to come!

Updated 12-28-2016

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