The Gauzy Days of Summer

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How does one survive the blistering heat of an Oklahoma summer in fashion and still feel sexy and cool? Adorn yourself in some of the most sensual fabrics this season has to offer, the lightest of gauzy cottons, drapey dresses and tattered tulle skirts. Buy Bohemian-chic apparel in natural colors of sand and stone, or spice it up with sultry shades of mustard and cayenne.

There is just something about wearing these fabrics that will make you feel like you are in paradise and you will also look like a Greek goddess, or god (these styles are not just for the ladies). It’s time to put the dark colors in the back of your closet and let the light shine through. You will be surprised by creating a light and airy summery look on the outside will make you feel just as good on the inside. Don’t just stop there. Go a step further by adding exotic accessories like a Moroccan disc belt, silk head wrap or even a large Spanish-inspired flower in your hair.

When dressing for the new trends, always try to find a way to let your own style come through. The easiest way to make a look your own is by accessorizing. It’s also a fun way to make drab into fab. Find a key accessory that you think is “you” and make it your staple piece. Better yet, buy a few key accessories of the season and alternate them with outfits. The key accessories to pick up for this summer are the wooden, African/tribal bangles and super-sized beaded necklaces. Also try Indian-inspired gold-plated chandelier earrings with bright jewels dangling from them.

To spice up the look of summer a bit more, take a peak at actress Kate Hudson’s take on hippie/rock star cool style. By mixing pieces you don’t think will work together originally is an easy way to create this laidback style. For example, take a feminine blousy Bohemian top and pair it with raw denim or an edgy purse. Get into the flow of summer by pairing these gauzy cotton pieces with fun global accessories and get the Bohemian chic look of the season.

Kim Abdo is the owner of Isabellas, the home of “Forward Fashions for the Fashion Forward.” Isabellas is located in Brookside on 35th Street just east of Peoria Avenue. The phone number is 918-744-9100.

Updated 06-30-2005

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