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SERVING OTHERS: Tulsa Tech cosmetology students are trained for an excellent future. They also volunteer to society by donating their talents, time and energy to the American Cancer Society.

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Tulsa Tech’s cosmetology students study their craft in preparation for careers involving the latest trends and styles. Their creative talents focus on the care and enhancement of the human body in this outstanding program that provides a strong foundation for a lucrative position in a billion-dollar industry. Students work in state-of-the-art facilities with actual clients and are encouraged to develop a personal style while utilizing good customer service skills.

“Tulsa Tech is incredible,” Katie Redfern, a senior at Sperry high school said. “We’re learning life skills, leadership skills, qualities which I can use regardless of which career I choose in the future.”

These future professionals also explore the business side of the beauty industry, with many working toward owning their own shop or business. There are numerous well-paying job opportunities available to these students, depending on individual performance and customer service skills.

While beauty is visible on the outside, what matters most is what we find when we look inside, to observe individual values. The cosmetology students at Tulsa Tech agree, and that’s just one of the reasons they donate their talents, time and energy to the American Cancer Society.

Donna Simmons, a cosmetology instructor at Tulsa Tech, believes that teaching these values to students is extremely important. “I think we tend to get so busy, and move so fast these days, that we may forget those who don’t have the things that we do,??? Ms. Simmons said. “If we teach our children now, I think the future for everyone will be better.???

In 2008, approximately 18,000 men and women were diagnosed with cancer in Oklahoma.

“When a woman has cancer, she may have to deal with not only the physical and emotional trauma of the disease, but also the debilitating effect of losing her hair,” Katie Gragg, Community Manager of the American Cancer Society said. “Thanks to the time and efforts of these students, in cleaning and styling hundreds of donated wigs, we’re able to provide more women this service at such a crucial time in their lives.”

“Working with the wigs is very rewarding,” Melissa Pontius, a senior at Jenks high school said. “It’s really a nice feeling knowing that you’re helping someone who appreciates it so much, and that it makes them feel better.”

The future will certainly offer many options to the graduates of this exciting program, with various opportunities to showcase their creative tastes and styles, but more importantly, their ability to help others will never go out of style.

Jordin Pursell, a Union high school senior, who always tried to duplicate the hairstyles she saw in magazines as a little girl, agrees. “It’s a great feeling to use the skills I’ve learned to help others in our community. With all of the great instructors and counselors that have taken a personal interest in my goals, I definitely want to share all of the training and benefits I’ve received, and help others in need.”

We invite you to visit Tulsa Tech today, to explore a new career, help your community as you learn new skills, and discover exactly what style is right for you.

Updated 03-13-2009

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