Three O Project Solutions Announces Classroom Courses for Project Managers

TORONTO, ON (PRWEB) February 8, 2010 — three O Project Solutions president and founding partner, Dave Nielsen, announced three O’s plans to add classroom training courses in project management to their product line. Classes will begin in February 22nd in Toronto and will be made available in major cities across Canada. Classes include a PMP Exam Preparation course, a Change Management course, a Communications Management course, a Requirements Management course, a Risk Management course, and will combine classroom learning with team projects based on case studies.

“Adding these courses to our product line will allow us to serve our customer base after PMP certification and put us face to face with our customers,” Nielson said. “The PMP Exam Preparation course will be combined with our AceIt product, a downloadable software training tool, with classroom instruction to deliver the best of both worlds. Our other courses are all based on the best project management practices described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) but combine those practices with practical training in how to apply them to the projects our students encounter.”

The courses will be offered in major cities across Canada including Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. “What makes these courses unique is the combination of standard project management theory, how to implement those theories, and classroom exercises that put learning to work solving real life problems,” Nielsen said. “We’ve been in business now for 6 years and have helped project managers around the world achieve their PMP certification. Now we’re bringing that expertise to classrooms all across Canada.

This isn’t the first time three O has offered classroom training. They partnered with Infomaxium to offer classes in PMP Exam Preparation in Macau in 2008 and those classes have been honed to provide these classes.

The PMP Exam Preparation course offers the standard review of PMBOK material augmented by material from Harold Kerzner conducted by a PMP certified instructor. In addition it offers tips on how to maximize exam scores, test questions, and a free copy of AceIt three O’s software exam preparation tool.

The Change Management course is based on the best scope management practices described in the PMBOK and offers instruction on the specific procedures, processes, tools, and techniques required to craft and implement an effective Change Management plan. This course also uses exercises based on actual project management situations to provide students with hands on experience. The course is led by a PMP certified instructor.

The Communications Management course examines communications from 2 perspectives: project stakeholders and the project manager. The course examines the various ways of gathering stakeholder’s communication requirements, the information available to the project manager, the tools available to most projects, and the best way to use those tools. This course also uses exercises that allow students to solve actual communications management problems and is led by a PMP certified instructor.

The Requirements Management course reviews various tools and techniques for gathering requirements, ways of tailoring the tools to the project environment, how to manage requirements, and how to verify that the project has delivered the product originally asked for. The course also examines the unique relationship between Change Management and Requirements Management and the best way to integrate the two. The course has exercises in solving actual project requirements problems and is led by a PMP certified instructor.

The Risk Management course examines how unpredictable events can affect a project. It reviews various ways of identifying risks, how to differentiate between risks and opportunities, ways of determining the likelihood and impact of risk events, various ways of mitigating risk, how to capture risk information in a risk register and how to keep it up to date. This course uses exercises that require students to identify, quantify, and mitigate risks in real project circumstances and is led by a PMP certified instructor.

Updated 02-08-2010

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