Tom Green Passionate for Tulsa


Tom Green and his wife Angie are the masterminds behind D-fest, a huge success. The Greens continue to move forward with more ventures.

They have opened shop at one of the hottest corners in downtown Tulsa. The company name is apt, the Quad Group.

At First and Detroit are now Green establishments Enso, the Ballroom, and the Electric Circus, connected by the Metrocade, a game room with ten vintage arcade games and a card table. Tom touts, “We’re not a one trick pony.” He’s right, get a drink at Enso and cut through the Metrocade over to the Circus.

There is nothing like the quad in town. It is nice and clean and the beverages are priced right.

For a full-length feature on the Quad and some insight about d-Fest 2010, visit

Updated 04-27-2010

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